The list of organizations and extremist groups in Austria

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The Austrian government is seeking to address the phenomenon of extremism and the fight against extremist groups and isolate them and put them under the control Austrian government plans to establish a new center of mission control institutions and extremist organizations in the country as a step to fight against political Islam, where equipped with the government on the establishment of the center, to start its operations in 2020. The allocation of an integrated government unit to keep track of political Islam activists in Vienna reveals the lack of intelligence services alone in tracking maneuvers organization and agile „democracy“ to practice Ojindath, as the work associative institutions Almsadjadah in addition to charity work is one of the most prominent areas of action n Chatt political Islam.

List the organizations and extremist groups

Islamic Religious Authority in Austria: The „Anas ostracon“ one of the most top faction was elected President of the Islamic Religious Authority Regional in Vienna, and serving the provinces: Vienna and Austria low and Burgenland, and demanded the Financial Audit Department Austrian Federal to a request for examination of the financial body records a time the first , which is where this circuit which is called the „Rishnonkhov“ to take such action towards religious body in Austria.

Consisting of four regional bodies are:

  • Islamic religious authority in the Vienna Regional and serving the provinces of Vienna and Austria and Burgenland low
  • Islamic religious authority in Linz regional districts serving the upper and Austria Salzburgo
  • Islamic religious authority in the regional Bregenz serving the provinces of Tyrol & Forolbargho
  • Islamic religious authority in the regional districts serving Graz and Styria and Kirntno

Academy of Islamic Religious Education

linked to many academic links with the Muslim Brotherhood and the most prominent leaders , „Amina Zayat“ , which took over the post of Islamic religious education director of the Academy.

Austrian Muslim Youth Organization

The Turkish „Dodo Kockjul“ One of the most important cadres, led a strong media campaign against the „Amendment of Islam law in Austria , “ a strong link to the Muslim Brotherhood figures and under the influence of the Muslim Brotherhood. The organization strongly resisted any attempts to amend the law and Islamic finance organizations.

Mejlis Gross Association

a Turkish Islamic body, meaning Turkish „national vision“ has several branches in Europe , located its headquarters in the „Cologne“ German, working with three constants of the first „ordered Shura“ and „Call to the way of your Lord with wisdom“, „and made you into nations and tribes the Taatarefoa. „

Arab Religious Society

 manages six of the mosques covered by the government ’s decision to shut them down, 3 of them in Vienna and (2) in the province of Upper Austria and one in Carinthia according to „BBC“ on July 10 , 2018.

Islamic complex civilizations

collaborating with the Turkish Islamic Union „Mejlis Gross“ and their mosques officially recognized the official Islamic body and distributed Salafist publications German extremist „Pierre Vogel“, and has 10 imams stands close to the ideas of the Muslim Brotherhood, and contributed to the imams Turks were carry out the Turkish agenda „Austria“ , which enter a lot of radical ideas into society currents Austrian fanaticism and extremism growth and caused the exit.

Islamic Culture Association in Austria

organization played a major role in promoting the influence of extremist groups as the increasing and the Brotherhood in the Austrian society.

A group of the Muslim Brotherhood

began with the migration of many of their cadres to Austria during the sixties of the last century, the foundation for their existence was at the hands of some of them immigrants, like Youssef Nada and Said Ramadan, and with the passage of time their networks grew and evolved. And make a network of strong relations with the elites, and live educational academies, business, entities, corporations, charities and humanitarian, and enjoy a high degree of relationships and power, given the few members of the Muslim Brotherhood and the associated Bhm.omn number of the most prominent of their leaders Ayman al- Ali, who has worked for several large years imams in Graz.

Mkhatr organizations and extremist groups on Austria

Recruiting and attracting young people

ruled an Austrian court on Nov. 29 2018. According to „Sky News Arabia“ sentenced to eight years in a person aged 38 years, to persuade him to two families with their nine children to join the organization Daash hardline Soeria.oonh played a central ideological role „in the organization, He persuaded a number of people to carry out trips to Syria to join the ranks of the terrorist organization.

Dissemination of extremist thought

Austrian authorities announced that according to „Sky News Arabia“ on June 8 2018 expelled 60 of the imams and their families are getting Al external funding from Turkey to combat extremist ideology and extremist groups, and the closure (7) mosques, in a campaign aimed at „political Islam and extremism „.jae after an investigation by the authority of religious affairs, following the publication of photographs earlier this year for children representing the role of the dead in one of the most prominent mosques that get Turki financing, in the restoration of scenes from the battle of “ Gallipoli „or“ campaign Dardanelles „during the first World war .

Transforming religious culture – political in Austria

A report on the external organs of the Ministry of Intelligence Austrian , with the support of the Austrian Integration Fund and the Federal Office for the Protection of the Constitution and the fight against terrorism by exploiting the brothers Austrian government funds and schools, spreading extremism in the local Muslim communities. Used selectively violence and sometimes terrorism in pursuit of institutional objectives .ostkhaddmt Austrian territory as a springboard for the activity of „Brotherhood“ in the Arab countries, according to the newspaper „Middle East“ on September 9, 2017. The report explained the difference between the two types of members of the group with respect to their use of the territory of the Austrian. For some of them, Austria is basically a „safe house“ and a starting point to their countries of origin. For others, it has become the religious conversion of culture – in Austria ’s political goal in itself.

PROHIBITIONS extremist groups

It came into effect beginning March 1, 2019 ban on the symbols and slogans of extremist organizations law, particularly the Muslim Brotherhood, Hezbollah and the organization of the Turkish Gray Wolves. And it provides for the prohibition of all political slogans and flags for the Muslim Brotherhood from being in the streets and public places. Austria has set a fine ranging from 4,000 euros to 10,000 euros for people who Sakhalfon decision. The „Schneider yuan“ Austrian researcher specialized in the affairs of terrorism on March 1, 2019 The ban on symbols and slogans Brotherhood law and a number of other terrorist organizations, which came into force „is not enough“, demanding to extend the ban to cover its activities in Austria. Explaining: „It is not logical that are blocked symbols of these groups only, and continue to exercise their activities normally on Austrian territory.“

Austria banned the external financing of the imams of mosques. And it raised the first judicial proceedings in Austria against the imams, who receive Turkish financial support, a sensation. The reason to the campaign launched by the Austrian government on suspicion of clerics for direct financial support from the Commission for Religious Affairs of Turkey. Since the year 2015, prohibits the special law of Islam in Austria external financing according to „DW“ on Feb. 17 2019.

He said, „Christophe Blotslan“ a spokesman for the Austrian Interior Ministry that the ministry monitors of the organizations banned institutions in Austria to monitor any violation of the law, will also consider communications submitted by citizens in this regard. „The conservative chancellor,“ Sebastian Kurtz „, have already announced that“ not that place of parallel societies and political Islam and extremism in our country, according to the „Arab“ June 8, 2018 pointing out that the proceedings began against mosques and religious communities, which is said to have „close links to radical political Islam.“


Is growing influence of extremist groups in Austria, especially the Muslim Brotherhood and possessing influence over the Muslim communities in several cities, notably Vienna and Graz. It is noted that there is a shift towards the extremist organizations to accelerate and attract young people recruited into their ranks as well as the process of transformation at the level of extremist rhetoric, as a way to achieve a new political gains within the Austrian society.  

The step taken by the Austrian government to ban the Brotherhood and its activities step in a long way to combat extremism and terrorism. “ Shreds likely after the ban Jmaah Brotherhood’s decision to increase the threat posed by the secret work of the organization in the Austrian cities and expand the extent of the impact is not limited to the ideologies of the Brotherhood and extremist groups affiliated to them elements.


Austrian authorities review policies towards the Muslim Brotherhood and other extremist organizations. The need to address the thought-funded Islamic groups such as Qatar and Turkey foreign countries, to monitor the development of elements of extremist groups and the establishment of mechanisms of structural work on the training of imams. The launch of a new and promising initiatives aimed at combating extremism, cyber. Design and implementation of effective projects to combat extremism. Help local officials to identify problems that establishes extremism and ways to combat it.

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